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Séminaire national 2014 : des Portugais à Strasbourg.

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Lundi 07 Juillet 2014 à 09:57

A Sign of Vitality of the French Public Health : the French Public Health Residents National Seminar in Strasbourg

The capacity of a group or institution for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence can be described has Vitality.

That was precisely what I saw in Strasbourg in the French Public Health Residents National Seminar : a group of young and bright professionals engaged in discussing the future of the French Public Health and to collaborate with the Seniors Specialists in moving the specialty to the next level.

These discussions are never easy, because complex problems like those we face in the Health Systems and in the training of professionals require complex solutions, but only by discussing them between different generations we can have better solutions. The French Public Health Residents (CLISP and AISPA) and the Organization Commitee of the seminar deserve all the congratulations. The ability that you have shown in creating a high quality Seminar is admirable !

I was invited to a roundtable of residents around Europe, where we spoke on how the other residencies are organized, and I shared some thoughts of what might be the path for a more and more uniform Public Health Residency in Europe. To share experiences between countries or benchmarking is one of the easiest ways to improve, because we cannot afford to repeat the same mistakes as others did in the past.

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