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Stages en Europe : Porto.

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Lundi 07 Juillet 2014 à 10:07

The strive for the promotion of international exchanges in public health : A UK specialty registrar’s experience

The UK Faculty of Public Health (of the Royal College of Physicians) advocate and recognise that placements outside the UK are valuable to specialty registrars training, and that working overseas has the potential to provide rewarding personal experiences and excellent opportunities in many of the core public health competencies required by UK registrars in training

I am a UK Specialty Registrar in public health medicine in my final phase of training and the UK chair of EuroNet MRPH. I have a keen interest in European public health and during one of my frequent visits to Porto I found myself spending the day with the Regional Health Department thanks to the Portuguese committee. This was a valuable and worthwhile experience and alongside sharing experiences with my Portuguese colleagues, it gave me an insight into public health practice in Portugal whilst reaffirming my desire to broaden my experience and undertake an overseas internship as part of my training.

Following this, I have successfully secured a short placement at the Institute of Public Health, University of Portugal which I hope to commence this autumn, subject to approval from my employing Deanery.

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