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The Futur of geriatric medicine... vu par les canadiens.

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Lundi 14 Avril 2014 à 10:43

I think geriatric medicine has a very important future, especially in countries such as Canada and the United States that has a large aging population from the “Baby Boomer” period following World War Two. Baby Boomers are starting to enter retirement and much has to be done -and done quickly- to meet their increasing medical needs. Geriatricians will have to be at the forefront of the restructuring, redesign and innovation of both healthcare and healthcare delivery.

Geriatric medical education will also be quite different as we prepare to train more physicians than ever to meet the growing demand of seniors. Historically, rotations in Geriatric medicine were not chosen by Canadian medical students as it would have earned because of lack of exposure. In fact, many trainees had no knowledge of the discipline during basic training and were unaware of the eld when deciding what residency to ultimately match to. Fortunately, this is changing as geriatric medicine is incorporated into many schools’ core rotations required to graduate. We will be seeing many more geriatricians in the future thanks to this.

Amanda Khan, medical student, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada.



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