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The Saudi-French cooperation.

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Vendredi 25 Avril 2014 à 10:46

The Saudi-French cooperation in training Saudi doctors started in 2006. Up to this moment, about 300 Saudi doctors have trained and are still training in France.

France is one of the pioneers in medicine in general, and is really the pioneer in some specialities as plastic surgery, surgical dermatology, orthopaedics, and my own speciality (Interventional radiology), which brought me up to this great country.

Actually, Interventional Radiology is in good need all over the world, ,and specially in my country of origin (Saudi Arabia). With interventional radiology, we can treat many medical conditions, starting from vascular accesses, bleedings and malformations, passing through biliary, urologic, and musculoskeletal interventions, and ending with oncological radiology interventions which will be the bright future of interventional radiology in my opinion. Of course we must not forget the big branch of Neuroradiology interventions.

In France, there are centers specially dedicated to vascular interventional radiology. The bigger are in paris, toulouse and Marseille where I work. Indeed, the Timone Teaching Hospital is a 1200 bed hospital with 3 interventional radiology rooms. The hospital will soon have a new medico-technical building with ultra modern technical facilities.



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