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Présentation du réseau Vandycke & Partners

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Mardi 03 Juin 2014 à 10:56

Vandycke & Partners

Boulevard Général Wahis laan 17

1030 Brussels (Belgium)

T +32 2 745 42 90

F +32 2 745 42 91

[email protected]


Mission :

Specialized in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry since more than 20 years, Vandycke & Partners is your preferred Recruitment and Outsourcing Partner. Vandycke & Partners has an unparalleled Search and Outsourcing expertise in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Diagnostic and Biotech industry as well as Hospital Recruitment.

Top Life Sciences COMPANIES call on Vandycke & Partners for their critical recruitment and outsourcing needs at all functional levels, for both national and international roles.

High quality CANDIDATES confidently rely on Vandycke & Partners’ expertise, integrity and professionalism to make their next career move

Your partner in Belgium and beyond :

Vandycke & Partners is able to offer you full service, recruitment and outsourcing in the Benelux through its own consultants as well as its partner network. A full understanding of both markets allows a common approach for search for all kind of functions. When you want to start in Europe, why not talk to us. We have a large experience in assisting companies to start in Europe in Belgium.

Our search for candidates can be global. Assignments beyond the Benelux, we handle through our partners.

Consultancy Services :

Through our experienced consultants, our specific knowledge and understanding of the sector, the different kind of jobs, job levels and introductions in the Healthcare market and industry we can offer you consultancy on organizational matters, structures and approach to business.

Assessment :

Our Assessment Approach is based on the tools of Thomas International©. We define with you the key criteria for the job to define the job profile. Candidates, internal and external are then measured and evaluated in comparison to the defined job profile. We offer you full reporting indicating how the jobholder likely fits the job, how he or she should be best managed and coached and how he or she can be developed.

Coaching :

Vandycke & Partners has experienced consultants, who are able to coach and accompany newly appointed as well as experienced Managers and Directors in their first steps in a new position or when they have a need for reflexion and support. We can act to support the personal development as defined by the organization

If you want to find out more about this, an e-mail or call +32 2 745 42 90 to us is all it takes.

Vandycke & Partners Ethics :

Vandycke & Partners operates under the highest standards of ethics, integrity and confidentiality. Our commitment to our candidates is to maintain their complete confidentiality and not to disclose any of their personal information without their full knowledge and approval.

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