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9th international symposium on minimal residual cancer (ISMRC)

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Mercredi 29 Mai 2013 à 00:10
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Du : Mardi 24 Septembre 2013
Au : Samedi 28 Septembre 2013

    Wednesday September 25, 2013
      Pullman Bercy
         08.30 Welcome introduction, Jean-Yves Pierga & Klaus Pantel
         08.35 Keynote lecture: CTC-DTC research: State-of-the-art & Perspectives, Klaus Pantel
Session 1 Metastasis biology I
          09.05 Dormant tumor cell survival and recurrence, Lewis Chodosh
          09.30 Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT), Jean-Paul Thiery
          09.55 Microenvironment and Epithelial Mesenchymal Plasticity, Erik W. Thompson
          10.20 Coffee break
          10.50 The KISS1 metastasis suppressor:
                   A regulator of mitochondrial biogenesis and metabolism, Danny Welch
          11.10 Metastatic breast cancer stem cells, Christophe Ginestier
          11.30 Cancer dormancy, Julio Aguirre-Ghiso
          11.50 Reactive stroma as biomarkers and therapeutic targets of bone metastasis,
                   Yibin Kang
          12.10 Bone microenvironment, Philippe Clézardin
          12.30 Lunch and Posters Session
Session 2 Novel CTC assays
          14.00 Challenges in CTC detection, Catherine Alix-Panabières
          14.25 Microfluidic-magnetic sorting of CTC: the best of two worlds? Jean-Louis Viovy
          14.45 Microfluidic biochips for CTC detection and retrieval, Chwee Teck Lim
          15.05 In vivo nanodetector, Klaus Lücke
          15.25 Coffee break
          15.55 Are filtration-based methods more efficient for the characterization
                   of CTC heterogeneity?, Françoise Farace
          16.15 Novel CTC assays, Nicolo Manaresi, Silicon Biosystems
          16.30 Novel CTC assays, Eugen Ermantraut
          16.45 -17.50 4 selected presentations (10 + 5 min)
          17.30 -18.30 Posters session
                    Free evening

       Thursday September 26, 2013
         Pullman Bercy
Session 3 CTC in clinical studies
          08.30 Clinical relevance of CTC, Jean-Yves Pierga
          08.50 Molecular characterization of CTC in breast cancer, Stefanie S. Jeffrey
          09.10 Gastro-intestinal cancers, François-Clément Bidard
          09.30 PLS3 expression in circulating blood is a good marker for colon cancer recurrence,
                   Masaki Mori
          09.50 Prostate cancer, Howard Scher
          10.10 Coffee break
          10.40 Lung Cancer CTCs clinical utility and molecular characterisation, Caroline Dive
          11.00 CTC-DTC: the Russian experience, Nikolai Tupitsyn
          11.15 - 12.15 4 selected presentations (10 + 5 min)
                   1. Bladder cancer
                   2. Gastro-intestinal cancers
                   3. Head and neck cancer
                   4. Melanoma
           12.15 -12.35 Current challenges for clinical implementation of CTC testing, Daniel Hayes
           12.35 Lunch and Posters Session
Session 4 Molecular characterization of CTC
            14.00 Challenges in CTC molecular characterization, Evi Lianidou
            14.25 EMT and CTC, Massimo Cristofanilli
            14.45 CTC molecular characterization:
                     Are we ready to move forward with clinical testing? Michail Ignatiadis
            15.05 mRNA and microRNA profiling of CTCs from metastatic breast
                     and colorectal cancer patients, Anieta M. Sieuwerts
            15.25 Coffee Break
            16.00 Characterization of CTC & DTC, BjØrn Naume
            16.20 Detection and characterization of circulating tumor cells from patients
                     with colorectal cancer, Sabine Riethdorf
            16.40 -17.25 3 selected presentations (10 + 5 min)
                     Mini Session 5 Clinical studies
            17.30 - 19.00 3 satellite sessions (selected presentations)
                     1. Gynecological cancers
                     2. Gastro-intestinal cancers
                     3. Urological cancers
             20.00 - 00.00 Dinner, Young Investigator Travel Grant, Best Communications & Best Posters awards

           Friday September 27, 2013
             Pullman Bercy
Session 6 Metastasis biology II
             08.30 Identification of Heterogeneous Stem Cell Populations in Solid Tumors, .
                      Michael F. Clarke
             08.50 CTC and DTC in breast cancer - what is and will be the clinic aultility?
                      Wolfgang Janni
             09.10 Lymph node metastases, Stanley P.L. Leong
             09.30 Tumor metastasis and dormancy of breast cancer:
                      Biology and clinical implications, Ann Chambers
Session 7 CTC and other circulating markers
             09.50 Overview: Circulating nucleic acids in cancer patients, Dave Hoon
             10.15 Exosomes and metastatic niche, David Lyden
             10.35 Coffee break
             11.05 Tumor exosomes as circulating biomarkers ? Clotilde Théry
             11.25 Circulating tumor DNA and microRNA in blood cancer patients,
                      Heidi Schwarzenbach
             11.45 Detecting circulating tumor DNA: PAP, digital PCR and next generation .
                      sequencing approaches, Marc-Henri Stern
             11.55 Circulating miRNA in cancer, George Calin
             12.10 -13.30 Lunch and Posters Session
             13.30 -15.00 6 selected presentations (10 + 5 min)

Call for abstracts
Abstracts must be submitted online through the ISMRC website which hosts an electronic
abstract submission form. Each presenter can only submit one abstract. Deadline for abstract submission is May 24, 2013.
ISMRC Young Investigator Travel Grant
The Young Investigator Travel Grant is awarded to the three top Young Investigators who are selected to present an oral or plenary poster presentation at the ISMRC Annual Meeting. ISMRC Young Investigator Travel Grant recipients will receive € 600 (USA); € 600 (ASIA) & € 300 (Europe) to support travel to the Meeting.
These grants will be officially announced and given during the dinner on Thursday September 26.
Eligible applicants must:
- Be the first and presenting author of the abstract
- Be a student/trainee or within five years of completion of a Ph.D., M.D.,
residency training or equivalent.
Posters and oral communications
All abstracts will be submitted to the scientific committee that will select the best presentations as an oral communication during the symposium. The non-selected will be accepted as posters under the condition of approval of the scientific committee.
The 3 best oral communications will be awarded with prizes and so will be the 3 best posters.
The prizes will be given during the dinner on Thursday September 26.

General Information
Updated Information
Please consult the ISMRC 2013 website on a regular basis for updated information.
Online registration
Registration to the conference can also be done through our online registration form via the
ISMRC 2013 website.
Congress venue
The currency in France is the Euro.
Official Language
The official language of the congress is English. No simultaneous translation will be provided.
The poster area will be in the conference centre and therefore posters may be viewed at any
time during conference hours.
An exhibition featuring equipment and medical publishers will be held in the Exhibition area.
The opening of the exhibition will be on Wednesday September 25, 2013 at 08.55.
The exhibition will remain open until Friday September 27, 2013 at 12.40.
Companies and publishers who would like to participate in the exhibition may obtain more
detailed information from the COM&CO office.
Contact person: Etienne Jarry – Industry & Exhibition
               Project Manager
               Tel.: +33 4 91 09 70 53
               E-mail: [email protected]

Luncheons and refreshments
The registration fee for the conference includes lunch, coffee breaks and gala dinner to all
participants and exhibitors wearing their conference badges.
How to reach Pullman Paris Bercy?
Coming from the the ring road, take Porte de Bercy exit and head towards Paris Centre (city
centre), then take the Bercy exit and follow the signs to Terroirs and St Emilion.
From the wharves or the centre of Paris, head towards Gare de Lyon railway station, pass
under the Finance Ministry building and take the second Bercy exit. From there, follow the
signs for Terroirs and St Emilion.
Accessible by public transport
Line Station
Underground station 14 COUR ST EMILION
Railway Station GARE DE LYON (1.82 km)
Airport PARIS ORLY (12.00 km)
ROISSY CDG (20.00 km)
Official partners
Get the best price for your flight with Air France and KLM Global Meetings.
Event ID Code to keep for the booking: 18471AF
Valid for travel from 19/09/2013 to 02/10/2013
More details:
Accommodation suggestions near the Pullman Paris Bercy
Hotel Ibis Paris Bercy Village **
19, place des Vins de France, 75012 Paris
Tel : +33 (0) 1 49 28 06 06
Hotel Kyriad Paris Bercy Village ***
17, Rue Baron Leroy, 75012 Paris
Tel : +33 (0) 1 44 67 75 75
Hotel Claret ***
44, boulevard de Bercy, 75012 Paris
Tel : +33 (0) 1 46 28 41 31


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